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How it works

CIS Force is a global network of carefully verified IT specialists that are ready to join and boost any existing project, or develop required product from scratch, regardless of whether it’s startup or enterprise level.

With the help of our AI-powered platform companies can find single specialists or compose development teams with coordinator for any project needs (Time and Materials or Fixed Cost projects).

1. Get free access

Start using our platform and have your projects estimated at no cost. Then decide between a prepaid plan with greater discounts or pay as you go.

2. Book your team

Our AI-powered wizard will offer the perfect pre-vetted team (or single talent) based on your needs and other factors like their teamwork history.

3. Reach your goals

You dedicated account manager will help to run your projects smoothly, you may also pick a coordinator for day-to-day management of the team.

4. Rinse and repeat

We took the best of quality and reliability from the tech staff outsourcing and the best of flexibility and transparency from the freelance. You will love it!

Our professionals

Every specialist goes through rigorous screening process before he can start working on any important project as part of CIS Force team. The half of our specialists go to us after recommendation from our clients or other trusted specialists, so we can get the real feedback about technical competences and other skills.

Our Screening Process

We don't want to have random people in our network, because each fail of our client is our fail and each success is our success. Each specalist goes throwgh our screening process before joining the team, and only this way we can ensure that our customers will work with reliable specialist that won't fail.

  • Checking the personality and overall technical experience
  • Manual technical skills review via test tasks and practical exercises that are close to real tasks in specific area
  • Live interview with successful candidates, checking communication skills, potential, some theoretical knowledge
  • Sandbox - participation in test projects with a coordinator to review the reliability, quality and performance in real-world scenarios

Why do clients choose us

Right people

We only list verified professionals. We pick them carefully and test. No random people here - only trusted ones!

Fair prices

Most of our professionals are from Russia and other CIS countries. The reason being is the level of tech and creative talents is very high in the region while the prices are much more competitive than those in EU and North America.


Commitments of our professionals are our commitments. We are keen to provide even better level of confidence than a standard outsourcing and outstaffing company.


We are happy to be flexible at all aspects of your needs: who coordinates the team on a daily basis, what are the payment options and many other things which will make your life just easier.


You see whom you pay to, how much and for what sake. No hidden costs, no dead souls, no multiple markups on labour.

Focus on the Team

A perfect professional is not enough. In order to succeed you need a Dream Team. Our Project Wizard will help you to get the one.

What we cover


Web, mobile and desktop apps development (frontend/backend), blockchain, AI, VR/AR/MR...


Product, software, UI/UX, graphic, 3D...


Automation, functional, regression, performance, security, usability...


Remote leaders to boost the success of your project. Project management and team coordination have never been easier


Engineers for post-development stage (system administration, 24/7 technical support, troubleshooting and many other things)


System analysis, simulation modelling, operations research, statistical modelling...


Social media, search engine, email...


Mastering a product or service, proposing solution to your customers

Need to estimate the project or find specialist for your team?

Our AI-powered wizard will help you to find well-suited spericalists for your needs. If you have an idea or requirements, but don't know what technologies will be used, just fill the project details and we can do all other work related to estimation, composing the team and project management.

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